Sorry, you must place the order yourself online, just like Uber (as opposed to calling a cab).

No, you pay the driver directly when he arrives, normally with cash. For e-transfers contact the driver after your order has been accepted.

The driver. Once your order has been accepted you can call the driver using the “Call Driver” button to get details.

Did you receive a confirmation text? After you fill out the order form and tap the “Order” button you will receive a text to your phone to confirm the order. If you did not receive a text it is probably because you entered the wrong phone number. Please check that the phone number is correct.

Did you tap on the link in the text? This will take you to the live order page in your web browser. DO NOT reply directly to the text (with an “OK” or whatever) — that will not work. You must tap on the link.

After you confirm, the drivers in your zone will be notified. You will receive a text when one of them accepts your order. If you do not receive an acceptance notice right away, that is because our drivers are busy and will accept the order shortly.

This usually happens when your last order was canceled. We’re working on fixing this bug. To get to the menu try clearing the cookie for the site “boozapp.delivery” and then tapping on “Boo Zapp” at the top left of the page. If that brings you back to the order page just tap “Boo Zapp” again or reload the page. If that doesn’t work, please call us at (365) 657-4719. Here are instruction for clearing cookies in Safari browser (iPhone). Here are instructions for Chrome browser (iPhone or Android).

Anywhere between 15-60 minutes, depending upon how busy our drivers are. You can contact the driver for an ETA.

No, prices are as stated on menu and order summary.

Make sure all the required fields are filled. Scroll up on the page to see if you missed anything. If the form will not accept your address make sure your address is in the zone you chose i.e. You are in Vaughan but chose Richmond Hill as your zone. If nothing seems to work you can call (365) 657-4719 for further assistance.

This can happen when you switch back and forth between the menu and order pages too many times (our bad, we will get this fixed). Try reloading from the menu page and starting over (sorry). If that doesn’t work you can call (365) 657-4719 for further assistance.